Art Cologne 2017

Solo presentation: Flags, Melissa E. Logan
25 – 29 April 2017
Koelnmesse, Hall 11.3, B – 013

Flags war & the building of nations, countries boarders, people at war the drugs given to the soldiers for humans to inflict atrocities, bombs, displacement, silent hours, warm closeness, blood stained streets. plastic bags, walking for days, security guards, rain, border control, adverts,  illness, western union, dogs, delayed flight.
Flags hung and the air is limp and unmoving, the nations & empires they represent have long ago crumbled. The ecstasy of winning has imploded.

(Melissa E. Logan, January 2017)

In her solo presentation Melissa E. Logan focuses on her painterly work. For her project Flags she has chosen the flag as means of expression charged in form and content.

Cetacea, Melissa E. Logan at Britney, Außenspielstätte Schauspiel Cologne, Offenbachplatz, 50677 Cologne
with Nelly Ellinor, Seowon Kim, Serge Vuille, Alexis Johnson, Jesselin Preach, Cecilia Candia, Chang Zun Chung, Jana Salah, Saskia von Klitzing and Paul Thiesen
Premiere: 27 April 2017, further performances 28 and 29. April, 10 p.m.

Cetacea is an audio-visual performance by artist Melissa E. Logan mainly based on music and movement. Together with a group of international artists and musicians, Logan is developing a site-specific program combining music, sound, movement, video, and installation for the new external stage of the Schauspiel Cologne.

Melissa E. Logan (born in Spring Valley, New York, lives and works in Cologne) founded together with Alex Murray-Leslie Chicks on Speed at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in the late 90ies. Her live-art perfomances were delivered at Venice Biennale, at Centre Pompidou, Paris, at MoMA, New York und at Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney amongst other places. Since 2016 she has been working on her project University of Craft Action Thought, another music/perfomance project Voodoo Chanel is going to publish the song Robot Love with various remixes soon.

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25.04.2017 - 29.04.2017