Art school for children

From the very beginning, Gisela Clement gallery is a partner of KUKI art school for children in the neighbourhood of the gallery.

The children are visiting almost every exhibition of the gallery with their art teacher Birgit Schröder. They achieve an child-oriented introduction into topics and display formats. Later, they translate their impressions into fascinating pieces of art, guided by Birgit Schröder.

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Previous events:

Maik and Dirk Löbbert (February 2015)
– Painting and Beyond David Semper et al. (November 2014)
– Peter Tollens (Oktober 2014)
– Peter Tollens – landscape (September 2014
– Polly Apfelbaum, Stephen Westfall (June 2014)
– Michael Toenges, Peter Tollens (March 2014)
– BLIND DATE, Andreas von Ow et al. (November 2013)
– Werner Haypeter, Hadi Tabatabai (September 2013)
– Karim Noureldin (March 2013)
– Schirin Kretschmann (January 2013)
– Max Cole (December 2012)
– Martin Pfeifle (October 2012)
– Papier II (June 2012)
– John Zinsser (April 2012)


You’ll find more pictures of the childrens’ works at